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MAHAM is a consulting engineer in the field of design, construction, implementation and management of construction projects. Our main goal is to create technology and create new ideas for better tomorrow and environmental preservation.


Ongoing Projects

Globendak Commercial Complex, located in Tehran

Consulting and Planning Phase 0 and 1, Venice Project, Kish Island I

Office Exhibition , Roudaki Boulevard , TS-32, Kish Island

Service Complex in front of Dariush Hotel, RF-8 , Kish island

Residental Complex, Marzdaran, Tehran

Completed Projects

 Establishment and commissioning of local renovation and development services office in Shemiran waterway, twelve district of Tehran municipality, Iran

Annex 2813 related to the Waterfall Neighborhood Project

Accession 2809 related to the realization of renovation in the worn-out texture of Ferdowsi Neighborhood-Baharestan Tehran, Iran

Monitoring and review of capital projects of Tehran Municipality, Iran 

2549 Additional Contract

Attracting Investors to Implement Urban Renovation and Improvement Plans and Implementation of Investment Plans and Development Projects in Mashhad

Establishment and commissioning of renovation services office in Darvazeh Shemiran, Shemiran Tehran Iran

Establishment and commissioning of Ferdowsi Neighborhood Renovation and Development Office to manage Neighborhood Renovation and create the necessary areas for local development realization, Tehran, Iran

Economic Evaluation of Phases 3 and 4, and Plan for Organizing the Ghiyam square, Boroujerd

Reconstruction of Residential Building Ambassadors Private Pool, Pool Repairs & Landscaping & Guard Building Reconstruction, Kenya

Demolition and transportation of debris resulting from the demolition of the building of the former Department of State Building and Reconstruction Department No. 9, Iran