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Mahamin Co.

Design, Production and Support of Computer Software - Implementation of Office Automation Plans and Technical Support - Design, Manufacture and Implementation of Computer Networks - Network Security - All Services in Hardware, CCTV, Smart Home Systems - Supply Personnel and Human Resources Specialized IT Projects - Managing Training and Research - Managing and performing Seminars and Workshops for International and ICT Experience - Tender and Invitation Domestic and Overseas - Obtaining Representation from Computer Domestic Companies and foreign companies - Establishment of branches and representative offices in the field of business activities inside and outside the country - Concluding cooperation agreements with domestic and foreign companies - Buying, selling, importing and exporting all services and computer goods. The company is Mahan.


Mahan Pardaz Amin Co.  

  • Having an experienced and active R&D team

  •  Professional Software Development Team

  • Expertise and Evaluation Team in Different Areas of Business

  • High capability and flexibility to handle new customer needs and development Specialized facilities

  • Fully competitive and cost effective solution

  • Solutions Provider

Mahamin Structure 

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Accordingly, Mahaamin Co. is currently active in two areas of specialized business intelligence and offer these services exclusively to Open Source software deployment of private and public organizations and companies. We are proud to assist you. Let’s be a part of business development and business excellence with the help of information technology tools.



Mahamin Projects

  • Collect scattered information from standard organization and create large management dashboards

  • Collecting Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran (MCI) (Hamrah-e-Aval) BTSs data in a data warehouse and analyzing inventory data for the marketing unit

  • Collecting Razak Darou Company sales information and providing management dashboards

  • Providing Management Dashboards of Urban Complexities of District 7 of Tehran Municipality

  • Preparation of roadmap for data and indicators of Water and Wastewater Engineering Organization of Iran

  • Providing business intelligence and scripting classes to the following companies: Tejarat Bank - Shuttle Company - Shokofa Electronic Company - Melli Shoes - Khorasan Newspaper - Anata Company - Mohammad Shahr Municipality - Shiraz Petrochemical Company

  • Providing Business Intelligence Solution and Selling Tablo Software to Mofid Brokers

  • Providing Business Intelligence Solution and Selling Tablo Software to Zamyad Automobile Company

  • Providing Business Intelligence Solution and Software Sales for Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran (MCI) (Hamrah_e_aval)

  • Implementation of EAM System and Asset Management System Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran

  • Preparation of data road map and organizational indicators of water and wastewater engineering of Iran

  • Installation and deployment of enterprise resource management software system (Parsin Gostar Company)