The tourism industry today has a special place in these patterns as an intermediate activity. Tourism is one of the main development strategies of Kish Island. Kish tourism opportunities such as the beach and the beautiful sea, its favorable climate in the colder year, suitable accommodation facilities and its special position in the Persian Gulf are also considered along with proximity to the mainland of strategic advantages and tourism development of Kish Island. In recent years, with the development of the island's tourism infrastructure, Kish Island's development potential has increased further. The progress of tourism development plans in Kish is such that the region has been set as a model for the development of this industry in the country.

    Venice Kish

     Complex of Tourism, Residential, Services

     Persian Gulf Coast Northwest of Kish Island

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    Geographical features of Kish Island

    Kish Island is a coral island located 18 km*2 south of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is an elliptical island with an area of 90 kilometers per square meter and a length of about 15.54 kilometers and a width of about 7.5 kilometers with an area of 90 kilometers. The island lies between 53 degrees 53 minutes to 54 degrees 4 minutes east of Greenwich meridian and 26 degrees 29 minutes to 26 degrees 35 minutes north latitude. The island's highest point is about 45 meters above sea level. Kish Island also lacks a permanent river and has many freshwater resources.

    Kish Island Climate

    Thermal conditions of the Persian Gulf coast according to monthly criteria

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    The island of Kish has a hot, humid climate. Normally, the temperature is27 ° C and is higher in extreme cases than at 32 _ C. Since May, the hot air is humid, and the temperature of the island is at its peak. In the Jan and July months. At a time when the air gets colder and the humidity clears, the sea water is still warm. The minimum chill of the island is never lower than 3 _ C in a few days of the winter. The island has a very good climate since the beginning of the month. The maximum of kish heat is recorded above 30 and mean at least 21 _ C. The maximum temperature of the heat is approximately 49 and at least in December, between 3 and 7 C.


    Wind Direction in Kish Island

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    Radiation and Wind

    Kish Island is about 3.5 degrees away from the Tropic of Cancer Head orbit, which is the largest solar radiation in the middle of the day. Almost unknown to the winds on the island. The winds are dominant and dominated by the island of Kish, most of the west and south west. The direction of winds is usually changed by changing the height of the sun and in other words with changing seasons. In warm days, which is long, the direction of the South Island and sometimes the South is west, but in autumn and winter it is for the winds of the North and West. In these exercises, wind blows from time to time, northeast and other parts. The local local winds mustbe derived from the wind, the wind, the  the   Humidity  wind, the east wind, and the simple wind that is called the coastal wind.

    Networking for numerical modeling of wave status around Kish Island

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    For wave information, mainly we used the results of the Iranian Wave Modeling Project (ISWM) conducted in 2004 by the Ports and Maritime Organization. This project was the result of two-dimensional ECMWF wind field and SW module modeling from the Kish Island bundle. Erratic networking of the Kish Island area is shown below. The results of this modeling were presented in terms of height and energy of waves around the island. Due to the southeast-west to west of the island, the waves are extremely intense, resulting in a severe tide and being eliminated from our range.


    Tidal surfaces

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    The tide and the currents that flow from it

    If there is a low altitude, the tide inside the complex will occur naturally. In this case the cost of pumping, water transfer and maintenance of the complex will be reduced and the natural water flow in the complex will add to its value.


    Use of Adjacent spaces of Kish coast

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    Introducing spaces near Kish Island beach Odoo CMS - a big picture